E-commerce, the throttl way.

There are several ways of selling your goods or services online;
BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, custom-builds, marketplaces, etc.

So many options in fact that in can be daunting deciding which option to go for.

Here at Throttl, we’ve built and worked on pretty much all of these, and are certified partners of BigCommerce and Shopify. We know the strengths of each platform, and once we get a good understanding of your requirements, we can recommend and build on the best solution for your needs.


Why throttl?

We’ve been designing websites for just over 10 years.

Over a decade of trial-and-error, witnessing a change in technology, trends, and behaviours.

We know what works, something which is just as, if not, more important than simply having an attractive website.

Every website we build is built with three core factors as standard, factors which many others don’t even consider…

  1. Hook
    Keeping visitors engaged in your website from the moment they land on it.
  2. User-Experience (UX)
    You’ve got a website visitor and they are engaged form the moment they land on the site, great.
    Now we need to keep them on the site and make sure they can find what they are looking for with ease because this is what turns visitors into customers, loyal ones at that.
  3. Performance
    Every website we build is hosted on our high-performance  cloud-based servers, powered by 12 CPU cores, FREE Cloudflare CDN for optimum speed, and FREE weekly backups.

“Can I have a feature tha…”, the answer is yes. 

The geniuses here at Throttl can make your website do anything you want it to in addition to the basics you’d expect from any website.

Contact forms, galleries, video players are basics – give us a challenge!

We carried out a survey on 78 of our customers in 2020.

We asked them to provide us with quotes from other agencies they went to prior to choosing to work with Throttl.

The results were impressive, we were on average 47% more affordable than our UK based competition – that’s almost half the price!

We serve an extremely wide range of sectors and clients here at Throttl.

Our team have the know-how and expertise to deploy any solution for any business.

Sectors served included but are not limited to:

  • Builders merchants
  • Automotive dealers
  • eRetailers
  • Builders
  • Therapists
  • Loan providers & Financial sector
  • Property Developers

On the surface, DIY website building tools such as Wix and Squarespace look great.

Cheap, pretty templates, and loads of ‘tools’. 

The reality of it is, websites powered by these tools don’t even amount to 5% of websites on the internet combined, and there is a good reason for this; they do not get results.

There is more to a website than filling in blanks with pictures and text.
DIY website builders are not scalable, and are an SEO nightmare, regardless of what they might tell you.

There are amazing agencies and freelancers out there for every budget, work with professionals, you will not regret it.

You have full control with MyThrottl.

There is nothing worse than being kept in the dark on a project you need finished. 

MyThrottl is a portal we’ve developed from our clients which allows them to:

  • View the status of existing projects and contribute to them by providing feedback and uploading content.
  • Request quotations.
  • View and download invoices and subscription information.
  • Submit, view, and respond to support requests.

With the MyThrottl platform you know exactly where you stand at all times giving you full control and peace-of-mind. 

MyThrottl displayed on an Apple iPhone 12

Some of our work

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