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Coral Bridging

Coral Bridging is a UK based bridging loan provider. A bridging loan is a short-term loan often taken out by property developers to assist the financing of a development.

Client: Coral Bridging
Services: Website Design, Branding


When we were approached by Coral Bridging, they were already an established loan provider within the property development sector, but they did not have a brand, no logo, no website.

Our branding team was briefed with creating a visual representation of the company and what they do, as well as come up with a slogan that sums up what a bridging loan enables, which is effectively complete a property development project.

After three weeks of research, design, and testing, they came up with the logo below. A logo that features an identifiable icon that encompasses the company initial in coral colour and bridge-like icon and the positive slogan of ‘make it happen’.

The goal of the website is to educate people seeking coral loans on the offering in detail and to capture loan applications.

Our website development team came up with a design that is easy to navigate, displays crucial information in a digestible format, a loan application form with conditional logic features, and extensive security features to keep applicant data safe and private.

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