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Client: Helvadere
Services: Website Design

Helvadere is a South London restaurant and bar which storms up outstanding Turkish food with a unique twist.

Helvadere is far from conventional. They take what we all know and love about Turkish cuisine and take it to a whole new level with different ingredients and a truly impressive presentation. The muralled walls, iconic Turkish music, fire-eaters, and bellydancers really do set this place apart.

This unique, rebellious charcter of Helvadere had to be represented in their website, so we threw conventional design out the window on this project and went visual.

Upon visiting the site you are greeted with a full-screen, high-speed video showcasing the restaurant, food, and dishes. The website is not only engaging, it features conventional restaurant website features such as a menu, gallery, and booking link to OpenTable.

On the back of a consultation we had with Helvadere during the COVID-19 pandemic, we designed and implemented an e-menu system whereby visitors scan QR codes on their tables to view the menu. This reduces printing costs, increases cross-selling opportunities, allows the restauranteur to update the menu with ease, and is good for the environment.


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