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Fulham Timber & Building Supplies

A chain of leading timber timber and builders merchants serving London and the home counties partnered with Throttl to redevelop their website, develop a mobile app and rebrand their business with over 30 years of history - the growth that followed was impressive.


2017 - 2022


Fulham Timber & Building Supplies


Website, App, Branding, Marketing


Fulham Timber website and app on laptop and mobile phone.

01 Problem

After over 30 years of supplying tradespeople, contractors and the public sector with high-quality timber and building supplies, Fulham Timber decided to get ahead of the industry and take a leap in ramping up their online presence and rebranding.

02 Approach

In 2017 Fulham Timber began to work with Throttl to overhaul the brand and drive online growth.

Our consultants worked in-house for two months to gain a full understanding of the business, it's products and it's customers.

We decided it was important not to sway to far from the heritage of the brand so while we did completly overhaul and modernise the brand image, we kept the brand colours to maintain an element of familiarity.

When developing the e-commerce website we opted for BigCommerce due the B2B functionality required; customer price lists, bulk pricing and quote managment.

Understanding that most of their customers are builders actively working on site and with the way browsing trends were heading, we designed the website on a mobile-first basis, ensuring a seamless app-like appearance with instant search, ensuring users can find what they want and order it with ease.

03 Result

Within the first year of launch we saw a 167% increase on online revenue, a 62% increase in conversion rates while saving them 40% in website running costs.

The subsequent e-commerce success convinced them to invest in a mobile application which we also developed and launched in 2022.

Mobile-first design


  • Mobile-first design
  • Instant web search
  • Automated abandoned cart and browse emails
  • Points-based loyalty programe 
  • Customer and customer group specific pricing
  • Bulk pricing breaks
  • Create/Request/Convert a quote system
  • Shopper cart viewer/manager
  • Salesforce integration

We were able to develop a B2B powerhouse in-line with the brief provided by Fulham Timber packed with features which greatly helped increase conversion rates and improve customer retention.