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Leave your competitors behind, get your products and services found by qualified leads, today.

Pay Per Click marketing or PPC is the most fast and effective way to get qualified leads who are ready to buy landing on your website.

Our expert PPC management team have been delivering incredible results for businesses across the UK for almost a decade, as shown in the example here.

Fulham Timber is a client of ours, they’re a London-based chain of timber merchants up against multi-billion pound competitors, but with Throttl, their ads dominate the landscape. 
Google Shopping results for timber

How we can help with Pay Per Click management, also known as PPC.

Our creative and PPC teams have a proven track record of working together to deliver highly successful PPC campaigns from Google Shopping to social media ads. 

By choosing Throttl to create and manage your PPC campaigns, you'll have access to these teams and a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to create and run targeted, effective and profitable campaigns. 

The best part is, we have a fixed fee of 20% of ad spend and work on monthly ad spends of £2,500 + making a expert PPC campaigns accessible to all businesses across Britain. 

Search Ads

When you carry out a search on search engines such as Google or Bing and see the top and bottom results than said 'ad' next to them, these are search ads - a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. 

You can run campaigns targeting a range of keywords, location, age, gender and even interests, ensuring the people clicking your ads are interested in what you have to offer and are your target market. 

Display Ads

As the title may suggest, display ads are a more visual alternative to text-based search ads and geenraly comprise of imagery.

Display ads are displayed across the Googleand Bing network rather than actual search results. An example of this is when you visit your go-to news website and see ad banners on the side of the page, or you're watching a YouTube video and see a banner pop-up in the video.

Remarketing Ads

Ever been on a website to see a product/service advertised that you've looked at previously? These are remarketing ads.

Remarketing ads allow you to target users who have already shown an interest in your business and are often use to bring users back to your site site and progress them through your customer pipeline. 

Google Shopping

We've all been there - searching for a product on Google to be presented by a carousel of options at the top of the search, this is Google shopping. 

Google Shopping can be one of the most profitable marketing channels for an e-commerce business when set up and managed correctly. Work with our PPC experts to get your products in front of people actively looking for them and to maximise your return on investment. 

Paid Social Ads

Paid social media ads are a fantastic way to really target people based on very specific information; interests, gender, age, location, relationship status, education status and ocupation.

We can build and manage campaigns that get your business in front of the exact people you're looking to target ensuring that you're making the most out of your budget and improving the chances of conversions. 

Video Ads

Every found yourself watching funny cat videos on YouTube to be presented with an ad before or during the video? These are video ads.

Video ads allow you to get more information across to potential customers without them clicking than any other form of media and is a great way to increase brand awareness. Our creative team can create the content for our PPC team to create and manage the campaign. 


Begin your PPC the right way with Throttl today.

Our PPC experts are ready and waiting to get to know your business and fuel growth - get started now!